So cliche

It is me

I’m the one you are looking for

I’m the one you need

The one who’s always had your back

The one who was there when you were down and depressed

The one who looked out for you when you were drunked out about that chic

Yes…..drunked out

The one who knows what kind of porn you watch

The one who knows you put chocolate syrup on your eggs

The one who knows you have to exercise in sets of three

Here I am

So close

But so far

Stuck in the friend zone


Mix and match

A slow night in a normally rowdy club, that’s how my shitty night started. Nothing special, just the normal drink and flirt with random crowds and random drinks. It gets old. It gets exhausting.

This night was different. A man. A tall, dark cliche walked in. His gait straight, his gaze unwavering. Nothing like the normalcy and I felt a quickening in my groin that was new. I wanted to take him home and tie him to my bed. Instead, I passed him, undetected, with my usual full tray full of drinks, wishing this was for fun instead of work.

My eyes longing, my heart wanting, I wished for better fuller days when my night would be full of satisfied sighs instead of glorified shmucks.


I’m not a stranger to the pain

Of losing and being lost

Of grieving and being grieved

But each new stab brings a new pain long forgotten

Each new lose a fresh feeling of hopeless

Of disillusionment from deceit and betrayal

Each new glimmer of hope a renewed sense of caution

It is not better to love and to lose

Neither is it better to live and to never love

It’s a tail eating cycle of joy and pain

something steamy

She disentangled herself from his embrace, from his kiss and sucked in a deep breathe to clear her head.

“I can’t do this with you”

“Why?” He asked. Trapped between him and the headrest of the sofa, she couldn’t move away from him. He was still too close. She closed her eyes 

“You know why. I’m not going to be one of your girls. And your sister. …your big sister is my friend incase you’ve forgotten” 


“So…friends don’t mess around with friend’s family.” 

He was strong and fast, easily lifting her onto his lap so that she stradded him. His hands around her waist, she was trapped again.

“When are you going to let someone take care of you for a change?” He asked. 

He was looking up at her, his eyes intensely locked with hers despite being the same level as her breasts.

“I remember when we first met. When you came home. I must have been 10. You always smiled back at me when I smiled at you. I thought you were pretty cool.” He chuckled. “I liked the way your hair was always in disarray. But you wore it well. Just like now.” 

“I remember when you first got your heart broken. I remember cause I was 16 and you were 19. I saw you crying in my sister’s room after I barged in and she threw me out. But I knew. I went and broke that guy’s bike. Bet you didn’t know that. …”

Startled. ..”That was you?” She asked…

“I had a monster crush on you.”

“Crushes die,” she said

“Mine didn’t. I still like you.” He pulled her closer till the bulge of his jeans brushed against the apex of her thighs.

“I really really like you.” 

His breathe was warm and moist against her breast. She couldn’t remember when the robe opened. He planted a kiss right there on her breast.

“Let me give you what you need”

He kissed the other breast then raised his face to look her in the eyes again, then her lips, then her eyes again. 

Her breathe came out in quick shallow pants. How was she supposed to resist him now when she wanted it so bad. Without stopping to think who was using who, her face lowered to his and their lips met in a sigh and a groan and a pull and a tug.

They were soon on his bed, his face buried between her thighs. She was so horny and so ready her first orgasm left her momentarily dazed. And for a minute she forgot to breathe, until his lips were on her lips again and she could taste herself on him. She didn’t think she could get any wetter but his periodic groans sent wanting throbs to her groin. 

Impatient, she writhed against his naked body, illiciting more groans from him.

He reached into his dresser and pulled out a condom. 

“You ready for me baby…”

She didn’t think she could get any readier. But it wasn’t really a question for before she could think of an answer, she felt him pry her open and enter in one long second. Or was it a minute for time stopped and nothing else mattered but him and her and this.

Mon Professeur De Collège

J’ai toujours eu un oeil pour mon professeur de collège. J’ai adoré son esprit vif et intelligent des yeux. Que et le fait qu’il a été juste en bas à droite magnifique. J’ai adoré la façon dont il l’a défendue tout en inscrivant quelque chose sur le tableau blanc, avec son une main dans sa poche rendant le tissu de son pantalon d’alpinisme stretch contre son tendu les fesses. La façon dont il sauntered vers le bas de l’allée dans la classe pendant la lecture à voix haute à la classe de faire noter. Sa voix une profonde rumble… Mmmm… J’ai voulu lui Translation My College Professor I always had an eye for my college professor. I loved his quick mind and intelligent eyes. That and the fact that he was just down right gorgeous. I loved the way he stood while jotting down something on the white board, with his one hand in his pocket making the fabric of his trouser stretch against his taut buttocks. The way he sauntered down the aisle in class while reading out loud to the class to make note. His voice a deep rumble… Mmmm…I wanted him